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Solar VFD Drives
VFD Drive or Adjustable Speed Drives are used in any application in which there is mechanical equipment powered by motors; the drives provide extremely precise electrical motor control, so that motor speeds can be ramped up and down, and maintained, at speeds required; doing so utilises only the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant speed and utilising an excess of energy.Since motors consume a majority of the energy produced, the control of motors, based on demands of loads, increases in importance, as energy supplies become ever more strained. Additionally, end users of motors can realise 25 - 70% energy savings via use of motor controllers.Despite these benefits, the majority of motors continue to be operated without drives.
An array of solar panels generates the power and voltage required for the ATV312 Solar to drive the motor. The solar drive converts the DC voltage input to a 3-phase AC output with variable voltage and frequency.The MPPT algorithm of solar drive extracts maximum power available from the solar panels during the day and operates the motor at variable speed based on the power input to the drive. The frequency range in which the drive operates depends upon the motor speed, hydraulic system and the power available from the solar panel. As the sunshine varies during the day, power input to the drive varies and the Solar drive generates variable V/F ratio thus controlling the speed of the motor, which in turn regulates the pump impeller speed. Water Level Sensor is used only when the water is pumped to overhead tank.
SRB provide VFD Drives of high efficient with reputed international brands.  

Main Features:
• Suitable for 1HP to 7.5HP surface mount and submersible pumps with 3-phase AC asynchronous motors. 
• Automatic start-run-stop through out the day with water level detection in the tank.
• Easy to transport
• Corrosion resistant, IP55 enclosure for drive suitable for outdoor installation.
• Pump overload, dry run protection 
• Factory wired enclosure ensures reduced installation and commissioning time.
• Pumping of water in for irrigation for drinking water supply in off grid areas.
• Farmer can cultivate multiple crops through out the year in off grid areas 
• Women can save their time spent in collecting and transporting water.
• Lower operation expense compared to diesel pumps 
• Zero emission of green house gases.
• Reduced load on national grid
• Irrigation of land
• Domestic water supply
• Fish farming
• Water for Livestock
• Solar powered fountains
Here are 10 additional benefits users realize when operating motors with drives:
1.  Controlled Starting Current 
2.  Reduced Power Line Disturbances 
3.  Lower Power Demand on Start 
4.  Controlled Acceleration 
5.  Adjustable Operating Speed 
6.  Adjustable Torque Limit
7.  Controlled Stopping 
8.  Energy Savings
9.  Reverse Operation 
10. Elimination of Mechanical Drive Components