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Hybrid Inverter

srb solar hybrid inverter

SRB Power engaged to research,development and supply of Solar hybrid PCU. Hybrid solar pcu are designed for Off grid and On grid uses in single machine.

Use in off grid mode with the possibility of linking to a generator also. The inverter must be connected to a battery bank and must have true off grid capabilities
Use in on-grid or grid-tie with the possibility of selling energy or excess energy. There is a need to have the norm compliance of protection and decoupling.
Use in hybrid mode the inverter functions with a battery bank, but also connected to the grid. This dual functionality is the highlight of hybrid inverters that hence enable energy management (smart grid).
Use in Back-up mode, or storage mode prevents blackouts by switching from on-grid mode to off-grid mode at the moment of electric outage, thereby eliminates mains/grid cuts.

SRB Power India Pvt provides a large range of solar hybrid pcu 3KW to 250KW.
System can be design by consumer requirements with required battery bank options.  

Most uses functions of SRB Hybrid Solar PCU

  1. Bidirectional solar PCU
  2. Hybrid inverter (Solar/ Grid/Batt)
  3. Vector Modulated Inverter Control
  4. Multiple DSP control operation
  5. Range 3KW to 250KW
  6. Optational backup range avilabe
  7. Battery Less operation compatible
  8. Paralleling Compatibility
  9. MPPT Based Solar Charger -2 modes of operations
  10. Higher Capacity PV connection option available
  11. Multi Mode function: SGB/ SBG/GFM 
  12. GFM FEED mode feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails.
  13. GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100
  14. Unity power Factor for grid charging
  15. Adjustable Grid Charging Current as per requirements
  16. Changeover time less than 20ms
  17. Detailed Metering: Solar KW, Solar KWH.
  18. Auto fault reset for non critical faults
  19. Optional Input :Wind speed, Battery Temperature, Heat sink Temperature
  20. Advanced Battery Management Features
  21. Temperature Compensated Charging
  22. Generator compatible GSM Based Remote Monitoring option
  23. 5 year warranty

  1. PV-Reverse Polarity Indication , Reverse Polarity Indication , Surge Protection
  2. Battery-Reverse Polarity Over/ Under Voltage, Over Temp, Over Charge
  3. Grid-Over/ under Voltage, Over/ Under Frequency, Surge Protection
  4. Load-Overloads, Short circuit
  5. Circuit Breakers-Grid Input MCB/MCCB, Battery Input MCB/MCCB, PV Input MCB/MCCB, Load Rotary Switch
  6. Temperature-Inverter Over Temperature