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Before Solar
1.Quality of installer
Solar Energy systems are service oriented products.these are needs expert's service backup on requirement. before go to solar energy systems please confirm your service provider details.products service,Product cost,quality,products life,installation standards,products using in setups.
This applies any time you hire someone to come into your home, but solar combines the logistics of a home improvement project with the risks of electrical work. Credentials and references are especially important. “You wouldn’t hire an electrician who had never done electrical work to come into your house and change things around,” says Experts whose electrical contractor in India with 20 years of experience doing solar installations. In particular,This is harder to predict, but, ideally, you want a company that will stick around for the lifetime of your installation. Since solar cells don’t have moving pieces, they tend to need very little maintenance,in the event that anything does stop working during the warranty period, you don’t want to realise that "your installer isn’t around to fix it."
Don’t sign that contract unless it address all the details of ownership and financing.

2.Roof that can support solar panels
For Rooftop solar, it's key factor. If your roof is covered in shade most of the day throughout the year, it might not have a favourable enough “solar window” to justify the costs of panels. That’s something you’ll want to assess before you move forward. Instead of installing your own panels,look into shared or community solar. This approach lets many different customers buy a stake in a solar installation and receive credits on their electricity bills.
Lastly,envision the future of your roof. If the roof is unobstructed now but you’ve just planted a battalion of leafy oaks around your property, you might run in to trouble a few years down the road. Be prepared to prune your foliage to keep the panels clear.

3.Energy which You needs
The amount of solar energy you need to produce depends on how much you use, so it makes sense to trim your usage as much as possible before paying for all those panels. Start with an energy audit and look for efficiency upgrades before you draw up blueprints.

4.Type of connection with grid
The most uses connection with grid types are Off-Grid/On-Grid/Hybrid etc.That last one refers to net-metering, the practice by which utilities reimburse rooftop solar at the same rate as they charge users for electricity.Insure the connectivity with Grid as per your requirement.

5.Your contract
The contract you sign should spell out all the details of financing, ownership, and performance expectations. Also, because these systems can include web-enabled devices, you should check if anyone is collecting data on your home energy production and usage and who has access to it.
That’s a lot of details to keep in mind.