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Air Purifiers
Today air pollution is going to be a big problem to health.An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room.
SRB Power supply air purifiers with brand of SHARP Air purifiers inbuilt of plasma cluster technology.which is patent technology by SHARP.  

Use and benefits of purifiers

Dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mite faeces can act as allergens, triggering allergies in sensitive people. Smoke particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can pose a risk to health. Exposure to various components such as VOCs increases the likelihood of experiencing symptoms of sick building syndrome.Air purifiers are becoming increasingly capable of capturing a greater number of bacterial, virus, and DNA damaging particulates.

Sharp air purifiers

Indoor air is often 5-10 times more polluted than outdoor air according to WHO study. The Sharp Air Purifier can be used all year around, day and night for you and your loved ones.
We spend 90% of the times indoor (home, office, school, mall etc.) which is 10 times more polluted than outdoors. Indoor air pollutants poses huge risk to our health. It can lead or contribute to allergies, infections, asthma, and other health problems that involve the lungs, nose and throat. Exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) may affect the lungs,brain, and nervous systems. Indoor Air Pollution also increases the risk of developing is proven effective in capturing common indoor PM 2.5, apollen,bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde and harmful Total Volatile Organic Compound gases.

It can be installed in the living room, bedroom, office cabin, doctor consultation room with room size varying from 200-220 sq feet area.Sharp Air Purifier combines both ACTIVE and PASSIVE purification system to purify air. It filter out most of the contaminants hazardous to our health. A physical filter captures bigger particles like dust, per hair, insects etc. The True HEPA filter, unlike other purifiers, removes 99.97% of PM2.5 and PM1 particles due to its large surface area. Active Plasma cluster ion Technology does not wait for the air to pass through, but neutralises all harmful substance, including odours, smoke, gases from both AIR and surface by going out of the Purifier. It removes suffocation and staleness from the indoors by creating the same level of freshness as in a forest. It is proven technology that can generate FRESH AIR. The Plasmacluster ion technology also removes static current from all SURFACES reducing threat from dust and pollen to get attracted to fabrics and surfaces.